Judi Bola Sbobet – In Bali, there are three types of temples, places where Hindu dharma is dense. and is located in the village and is considered to be the place of the spirits of their ancestors, the gods of daily life which are also found in the village. while the inside is the temple of the god of death and hell this temple is located outside the village.

The palace or castle king has an important location rather than the temple in general. Because according to the belief of the Balinese people, the king is a god who is human-oriented, so that he is more powerful than ordinary gods.

In determining the direction when setting up a building the Balinese people are more inclined towards the mountain which leads to the eastward sea is the direction that leads to birth and to virtue which is called the direction of death and evil facing west, which is called the majestic mountain which is the highest mountain in Bali is the most important direction to choose.

When Hindu Balinese build their houses or other buildings. In addition to the direction there are still a number of things that need to be considered, among others, to live in holiness and to insults from the room which is also determined in the direction chosen. If it is reviewed vertically, then a building that has a roof and has a lower part is the animal world.