988Sport – So it is not surprising that the name of the title of the local sultan also uses the Arabic name. not even a few to the present people of the security of other nations such as the Chinese, who after entering Islam they used names originating from Arabic alongside their real names.

Likewise Europeans and as Arab influences that are identical with Islamic influence quickly spread and grow in the archipelago. Because he was interested in warakan a cleric named Habib Husse who spoke from the Hadralmaud Arab King invited him to settle in the palace.

And teaching Islam there at that time Habib Husseen settled in the Roman Empire which also taught Islam. So great was the appeal of Islam that the ulamah became a struggle for kings. One of his sons was named Syarif who obtained from a marriage with a cousin of the manta king named nyi tua.

He was married to the son of the king who was named Utin, not only that Abaham was also married to the king’s daughter in Banjar and there he was given the title prince Nur Alam. In 1773 m. on the occasion of the king under the king of hedgehogs, king of strongholds, and the king of saung prince nur alam in honor of being the Sultan of Pontianak. And then to the Sultanate continued to rule until the archipelago became independent and became the state unit of the Republic of Indonesia.

Like Aceh, West Kalimantan is the source of Islamic broadcasting to other Kalimantan regions. As the name found in South Kalimantan, in the Sabambam region which is now not inhabited by people, there are three ancient cannon carcasses. And the funeral complex which is between it on the tombstone that reads syarif ali bin abraham who ruled in the sultanate of the stronghold.

Although his reign was not mentioned but during the third king of the camp, namely syarif bin muhammad in 1829 m. Likewise, in East Kalimantan it is suspected that Islam also entered this countr