judi bola sbobet – Namely, a part of the 16th century until the 18th century, the Balinese kingdom was still not disturbed by its regional competitiveness because it still had not entered the Netherlands until it succeeded in winning some islands in Java and Bali, but the Balinese king left to rule the area they considered.

It is not important who will be in, but the king of Bali, such a situation does not occur if there is also someone who knows his destiny until this day and in 1906 the Dutch had mastered the Singaraja area and around it which also came to the nineteenth century. gusti alit nugraha together is secured.

They fight their enemies until they are no longer able to fight all of them committing suicide which is famous in Japan. The event which is famous for this badung puputan occurred on September 26, 1906. Like the Nusanara region, Jeopabvgg also occupied Bali during World War 2.

when the Japanese war returned to independence the people of Bali fought the Dutch colonel and also at the same time escaped many heroes. also died in Tabanan on November 16, 1946. In the capacity also died 95 people also subordinates I gusti Ngurah Rai the name of the hero Ngurah Rai is now captured as an international airport in Bali.